Training Mode Button

Training mode takes place in the map "Polygon" offers a few modes for practicing your aim, from easy, medium to hard difficulty. In this mode, you can equip every gun in the game for practice.

You can switch between static targets which gives you 30 targets that you have to destroy, or moving targets which gives you an infinite amount of targets and a 1 minute time limit for you to kill as much as you can. The armor on the targets can be turned off.

Configuration Board

The increased static target difficulty will reduce the time the target stays on the field. The increased moving target difficulty will increase the movement speed of the target.

The Recoil Board

Recoil Board

The recoil board lets you train how you control your recoil, the bullet marks have 3 different colors. [Blue/Green/Brown] It also shows how much damage you deal at a certain range. You can unequip the armor on the target beside the board and test out how much damage you can deal without armor. You can set the board to follow your movement.

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