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Submachine Guns or SMG is a weapon type in Standoff 2.

SMGs are weapons with a faster fire rate of machine guns and relatively low damage of pistols. They have a higher damage per second but lower accuracy at range than rifles. Thus, they are suitable for close combats. But they lack on armour penetration and damage drop off.

Economy wise, SMGs provide a higher kill reward and are cheaper than rifles. So, they must be used for a force buy or an economy round.

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Ump45 info.jpg

Cost: $1200

$400 per kill.

Available on both teams.

The UMP45 is the cheapest Submachine gun. It has a low cost and low damage. It is an effective option if you don't have enough money to afford any Rifles.


Mp7 info.jpg

Cost: $1500

$400 per kill.

Available to Counter Terrorists only.

The MP7 is the better for close quarters since the spray is hard to control on long range and easy to control on short range. It is not very accurate at long distances. It is a good choice if your team doesnt have enough money to buy Rifles and wants to rush a spot.


Mp5 info.jpg

Cost: $1400

$400 per kill.

Available to Terrorists only.

The MP5 is a cheaper but less effective alternative to an MP7. It has lower damage, slower speed, less rate of fire and lower penetration power than the MP7 but is $100 cheaper. It's recoil is less than the MP7 and is easy to spray on long distances due to moderate accuracy.


P90 info.jpg

Cost: $2100

$200 per kill.

Available on both teams.

The P90 has the fastest fire rate in the game. It also has the most rounds per magazine which makes it optimal for beginners to use. Because of its extremely high fire rate and rather high recoil, it is still easy to waste all of the ammo and one should be carefull not to run out of bullets in critical situations.

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