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Sniper Rifles is a weapon category in Standoff 2.

Sniper Rifles are expensive long range weapons with a high powered scopes attached. They are characterized by long range precision, slow fire rate, high per shot damage, low magazine size, and high armour penetration.

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M40 info.jpg

Cost: $1800

$150 per kill

Available on both teams.

The M40 is a lightweight, inexpensive bolt action sniper rifle. It inflicts deadly damage to the head on any range but requires two shots on the body. The weapon has a suppressor attached and so is quiet on shots.

The M40 is cheap and is viable for long range duels in initial rounds or at an economic setback. The movement speed is high for any sniper and has a modest armour penetration. The weapon is accurate when not scoping and jumping, making no scoping and jumpshots effective.


Awm info.jpg

Cost: $4350

$100 per kill

Available on both teams

The AWM is an extremely powerful long range, bolt action weapon. It inflicts lethal damage on any body part excluding the legs and feet. It has very high precision on scoping and highest penetration power of any weapon.

The AWM is very expensive, thus viable for some later rounds. It is very bulky with slow movement speed and is highly inaccurate when not scoping, moving or jumping. Its fire rate is very slow. So, the player needs to land accurate shots on the enemy.


M110 info.jpg

Cost: $4800

$150 per kill

Available on both teams

The M110 is a long range weapon. It is the most expensive weapon in the game, viable only in the later rounds. It is useful for players who are not skilled enough to land accurate shots with bolt action snipers.

The weapon has a fire rate lower than rifles but higher than bolt action. It has slow movement speed but very high armour penetration. The gun has negligible recoil and high accuracy on the initial bullets, but on spraying continuously makes the bullets unpredictably inaccurate.

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