Rust is a map that is available to play in Defuse mode, Competitive Mode and the Arcade mode.

1st version of the map

Rust main

Rust map: 1st version of the map

The Rust map was added in version 0.10.0, with the main objective of replacing the Zone 9 map while it would be redesigned.

Rust minimap

Rust Minimap: 1st version of the map

Autumn Update

The map received an Autumn theme in the Halloween Update 0.14.0 released on 31st October, 2020

Rust Autumn

Rust Autumn Thumbnail

This update features glowing lights, red-orange foliage, falling dry leaves, as well as new paint on brick walls. Despite this, the basic layout remains unchanged.


  • Jumping on the trash can on CT Spawn and looking behind shows the end of the map.

    End of the map is visible inside the red box



Painted walls at B apartments


Glowing lights at CT side mid


Autum Foliage and falling leaves behind CT Spawn

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