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Rifles are a weapon category in Standoff 2

Rifles are primary weapons which are very accurate at medium distances. Rifles are the best weapons for any circumstances as they have a high damage, modest rate of fire, high penetration power and accuracy. They are the consistent go to weapons if the player can afford them.

If the player does not have enough skill for sniper rifles, effective recoil control for SMGs or good aim for pistols, rifles are the weapons to buy every round.

Economy wise, rifles are priced for full buy rounds and provide a modest kill reward.

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Famas info.jpg

Cost: $2200

$200 per kill

Available to the Counter-Terrorist team only

The FAMAS is an inexpensive and highly effective rifle. It has a very high fire rate and medium damage which provides it a high damage per second. It has a moderate armour penetration.

The FAMAS has a predictable but high recoil which is difficult to control on long range. Also, the weapon has only 25 bullets in a magazine.

FAMAS is often considerd the most used Counter Terrorist rifle, surpassing its more powerful alternative M4.


Cost: $2000

Fnfal info.jpg

$200 per kill

Available to the Terrorist team only

The FNFAL is an low priced weapon and very effective weapon. The weapon has a high damage, high penetration power and moderate fire rate.

The FNFAL has a high and less predictable recoil pattern. But the major disadvantage is its exceptionally high reloading time.

But if the player uses the bullets effectively, reloading would not be required.


Akr info.jpg

Cost: $2700

$200 per kill

Available in Terrorist team only

The AKR is considerd the most effective rifle in the game. It deals very high damage output and provides lethal damage to the head whether helmeted or not.

Its only drawback is the high recoil which can be uncontrollable on even medium distances. So spraying should be replaced with bursts of 2-3 bullets on long range. This is facilitated by its highly accurate first bullet.


Akr12 info.jpg

Cost: $3000

$200 per kill.

Available in Terrorist team only

The AKR12 is a scoped rifle with medium-high damage output. The weapon lacks the ability to one shot kill to the head but compensates with its low recoil and high stability when scoped.

The AKR12 has high recoil when not scoped. But the scope gives it the ability to take duels on long ranges. When scoped, its initial bullets are highly accurate. The gun is often neglected to the AKR because of its higher price and inability to one shot kill.


M4 info.jpg

Cost: $3000

$200 per kill

Available in Counter-Terrorist team only

The M4 is an expensive weapon which has high fire rate and moderate damage. It's recoil is very predictable and easy to control at any distance.

Its major disability is that even being a CT  conterpart to the AKR, it cannot one shot kill to the head. But it makes it up in the low time to kill and high damage per second.


M16 info.jpg

Cost: $3200

$200 per kill

Available to the Counter-Terrorist team only

The M16 is an expensive but high damage scoped gun. It has a high damage inflicting a lethal blow to the head inspite a helmet. The scope provides a long distance effective range and it also reduces recoil, increasing the stability.

The M16 only lacks on the high recoil when not scoped and its high price, which makes it viable for late full buy rounds only.