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Pistols are secondary sidearms in Standoff 2.

Pistols are inexpensive weapons most of which offer low to moderate damage output and low penetration power. They provide a higher kill reward than a rifle.

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G22 info.jpg

Cost: $200

$200 per kill.

Available in Terrorist team only

The G22 is a good sidearm and is very cost-efficient because it has a high fire rate and can be spammed due to the high ammo capacity. The downside to using it is the low damage on bodyhits.


Usp info.jpg

Cost: $200

$200 per kill.

Available in Counter-Terrorist team only

This USP has very high accuracy on shots and has higher damage than the G22. It has less ammo than most other pistols in the game which makes it important to hit as many shots as possible.


P350 info.jpg

Cost: $300

$200 per kill

Available on both teams

This sidearm is less cost-efficient than most other guns but is widely used because of its recoil pattern. The recoil of this gun is higher than the G22's or the USP's pattern. It also has higher damage on bodyhits than the G22 and USP which is why it is so popular. 


Five seven info.jpg

Cost: $500

$200 per kill

Available in Counter-Terrorist team only

The Five seven is a very good sidearm to use with almost any other weapon. It has a easy to learn spray pattern and a high fire-rate, but does less damage than the P250. However, it does have a high armour penetration, making it a viable option on a force buy.


Tec9 info.jpg

Cost: $500

$200 per kill

Available in Terrorist team only.

A high recoil, high rate of fire pistol with a high first shot accuracy, but is not accurate after the first shot. Can kill enemies with one headshot even with a helmet at close range, and has a high movement speed.

Desert Eagle

Deagle info.jpg

Cost: $700

$200 per kill.

Available on both teams.

The Desert Eagle (often shortened to Deagle) is a very powerful pistol. Even though it has high damage, the high recoil makes it hard to control. It can kill enemies with one shot to the head.


  • Teased image of dual berettas

    Axlebolt teased the assimilation of dual berettas in pistols category for update 0.6.0 though the weapon was postponed because of "technical issues with gun animation" as the developers said.
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