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17-05-2020: The Origin Collection it's be available by luck at the end of the game, at the Marketplace, or in passes.

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[Old content before 0.9.6]

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G22 "Desert Camouflage"

G22 Desert Camouflage

M4 "Tiger"

M4 Tiger

P350 "Savannah"

P350 Savannah

UMP45 "Pixel"

UMP45 Pixel


P90 "Radiation"

P90 Radiation

Desert Eagle "Blood"

Desert Eagle Blood

M16 "Camouflage"

M16 Camouflage

SM1014 "Facet"

SM1014 Facet


AKR12 "Pixel Camouflage"

AKR12 DesertCamouflage

AWM "Phoenix"

AWM Phoenix

SM1014 "Pathfinder"

SM1014 Pathfinder

Desert Eagle "Predator"

Desert Eagle Predator


P350 "Neon"

P350 Neon

UMP45 "Cyberpunk"

UMP45 Cyberpunk

P90 "Ghoul"

P90 Ghoul


AKR12 "Railgun"

AKR12 Railgun

M4 "Necromancer"

M4 Necromancer

M16 "Winged"

M16 Winged


G22 "Nest"

G22 Nest

AKR "Treasure Hunter"

AKR TreasureHunter

M9 Bayonet

M9 Bayonet "Ancient"

M9 Bayonet Ancient

M9 Bayonet "Scratch"

M9 Bayonet Scratch

M9 Bayonet "Universe"

M9 Bayonet Universe

M9 Bayonet "Dragon Glass"

M9 Bayonet DragonGlass

Knife [replaced by M9 Bayonet]

Kinfe "Ancient"

Knife Ancient
Knife Ancient

Knife "Scratch"

Knife Scratch
Knife Scratch

Knife "Universe"

Knife Universe
Knife Universe
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