The Default Knife

The knife is a melee weapon which is permanently equipped with the player.

A knife cannot be purchased in the buy menu, nor it can be dropped.

It is an extremely short range weapon but the most powerful in the game. The knife is a one shot kill to any part of the player, including the feet

The knife was introduced in the version 0.4.0, on popular community request.


The knife is only ranged to point blank distance. So, the player must sneak very close to the enemy. This is facilitated by the fastest running speed of any weapon, which is approx. 5 metres per second in game.

Knife kills must be accumulated for reviving the team economy because of the high $1500 kill reward.

Knife finishes

Knives are the highest grade weapon finishes. Every knife is an Arcane level skin and can only be found in cases or on sale in marketplace. Because of the rare drop rate, every knife finish is valued above 1000 gold, and the rarest above 70000.

There are 7 types of knife in the game, each with different skins:

1. Karambit 


2. Butterfly


3. M9 Bayonet

M9 Bayonet

4. Kunai


5. jKommando


6. Scorpion


7. FlipKnife



  • The default Standoff 2 knife is a Ka-Bar knife
  • The default knife has an engraving "Ka Bar Olean NY" which refers to the knife name and the place of its production, Olean New York.
  • The Golden Karambit is the most valuable knife finish, solely because of its rarity.
  • Knives are the only finish which cannot be procured by crafting 10 lower grade skins.
  • As of 0.14.5, only 4 types of knives can be recieved through cases while others can only be purchased in the marketplace:
    • Karambit: Furious Case
    • Butterfly: Fable Case
    • jKommando: Rival Case
    • Scorpion:Scorpion Case
  • Before the introduction of the M9 Bayonet in 0.9.6, the origin collection consisted of finishes for the default knife.
    • Those players who bought a Ka Bar skin got them replaced by an M9 Bayonet of the same finish

Ka-Bar skin

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