In the Defuse and Competitive Modes you have to spend money on weapons and utility items like grenades. There are different ways to earn money. Killing an enemy player, performing special actions and finishing a round.

Earning Money


Different weapons will give you different amounts of money for each kill. Below you will find a list of how much money each weapons gives per kill.

$1700 per kill

  • Knife - Warning: Be it Butterfly, FlipKnife, Karanbit, among others, they do not change the value earned per kill.

$600 per kill

$400 per kill

$300 per kill

$200 per kill

$150 per kill

$100 per kill

Special Actions

$800 per action

  • Planting the bomb [T]
  • Defusing the bomb [CT]

Finishing Rounds

After each finished round you will earn money, that amount can vary based on winning or losing. While you may be able to ramp up a high amount of money for losing, it is still better to win rounds.

Amount of money earned after a lost round

If you are on a losing streak the amount you earn per round will go up. Should you win a round the streak will reset and you will start at +$1200 again.

  • 1st loss: +$1200
  • 2nd loss streak: +$1700
  • 3rd loss streak: +$2200
  • 4th loss streak: +$2700
  • 5th loss streak: +$3200
  • 6th loss streak: +$3700
  • 7th loss streak: +$4200

Amount of money earned after a won round

Unlike losing, winning will always give you the same amount of money after each won round.

  • Any win: +$2700

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