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All equipments are only available to buy in the Competitive Mode. In all other gamemodes one does not need to buy equipment and has everything that can be bought automatically.

Vest and Helmet

Cost: 1000$ (350$ when you have only Vest)

Available on both teams.

Vest and Helmet.jpg

This equipment adds protection to the whole body. It reduces the amount of damage one takes on all body parts. Each time one gets shot it loses some of its durability.


Cost: 650$

Available on both teams.


The vest is a body armor that reduces the damage one takes on shots to the body, arms and legs. Each time one gets shot the vest looses some of its durability.

Defuse Kit

Cost: 200$

Available in Counter-Terrorist team only

Defuse Kit.jpg

The defuse kit is only available on the CT side, it reduces the time it takes to defuse the bomb from 10 seconds to 5 seconds