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The Desert Eagle or Deagle is a pistol in Standoff 2.

Often referred to as a hand cannon, the Deagle is the most expensive and powerful of all pistols in game.


The desert eagle is a pistol designed and manufactured by Magnum Research Inc. an american company. It fires .50 Action Express cartridge, the biggest bullets fired by any self loading magazine fed handgun.

The deagle is one of the 3 earliest weapons in Standoff 2, the others being the M4 and AWM.

It is a pistol common to both teams. It is a high risk, high reward pistol with high recoil. It can kill an armoured player with one headshot and is one of the most skill based weapon. Its slow rate of fire is fully compensated by its very high damage.


  • Though the weapon can be purchased in the pistol round, it is a risky investment as losing will put you on an economy setback.
  • The player must go for precise headshots as spraying the weapon will lead to high recoil.
  • The weapon is inaccurate at range while running and jumping will make it absolutely worthless.
  • The deagle is viable for close quarters combat as it takes only 2 shots to the chest to kill an enemy.


  • The deagle was initially manufactured by the Israel Military Industries after which MR Inc. placed a unit in USA.
  • A one shot headshot from a deagle to an enemy is often referred to as a "One Deag".