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"Defuse" is a mode in which two teams of five players each fight the other in 15 different rounds.

Defuse Button.

This gamemode was publicly released in update 0.6.0


The bomb model.

  • "Terrorist" team (or T side):  Plant a the bomb at one of 2 bomb sites and protect the bomb from being defused until explosion or eliminate the Counter Terrorist team.
  • "Counter Terrorist" team (or CT side): Prevent the bomb to be planted at either bomb site, defuse the bomb if planted or eliminate the Terrorist team.

The match is composed of 15 rounds. Thus there is no chance of the game being draw. The team defeating the opposite for 8 rounds first wins the match.


There are currently 4 maps available to play in the "Defuse" mode:

Radio Commands

There are 4 radio commands which announce the actions or outcome of the game.

  1. On bomb plant: an announcement "Bomb has been planted" notifies either team about the bomb plant by T side, though the bomb site is not announced.
  2. On bomb defusal: an announcement "Bomb has been defused" notifies either team about the defusal of bomb by the CT side proceeding with the victory of defusing side.
  3. An announcement "Counter Terrorists win" notifies either side of the victory of CT side when all players of T side are eliminated or after bomb defusal announcement.
  4. An announcement "Terrorists win" notifies either side of the victory of T side when all players of CT side are eliminated or after the explosion of the bomb.


  • The code a player enters in the bomb while planting is 58345576.
  • Defusing the bomb with a defusal kit takes 5 seconds while without the kit takes 10 seconds.
  • A new bomb model was teased in the trailer of update 0.14.0 "Revival", though the model is not used as of 0.16.0

Unused bomb model.