Account Ban

Once your account is banned/blocked you will not be able to log in on that account.

You can appeal the ban.

Ban Reasons

Any kind of hacking or cheating

This ban is issued manually on basis of complaints from other players containing direct evidence of the violation.

Ban duration: ∞

Ban code: 1

Using cheating software

The ban is issued automatically when detecting third-party interference in the structure of the game.

Ban duration: ∞

Changing values with third-party software

Ban code: 1100

Changing the size of hitboxes

Ban code: 1101

Damage hacking

Ban code: 1102

Ammo hacking

Ban code: 1103

Aimbot cheat

Ban code: 1105

No-recoil cheat

Ban code: 1107


Ban code: 1108

Changing game libraries

Ban code: 1110

Abusing bugs

Abusing ingame bugs to your own advantage.

Ban duration: 7 days

Ban code: 1201

Popularization of cheats

This ban is issued manually.

Ban duration: ∞

Making content by utilizing cheats

Publishing videos in which you cheat in the game or providing download links to cheating software.

Ban code: 2000

Marketplace/trade fraud

The ban is issued manually to organizers and participants of fraudulent schemes/bug abuse in trading/marketplace (for example: buy gold, buy skins, trade the skins to another account, refund the purchase of the gold)

Ban duration: ∞

Organisation of fraudulent scheme

The ban is issued manually to organizers of fraudulent schemes

Ban code: 2001

Participation in a fraudulent scheme

The ban is issued manually to anyone who participated in a previously planned fraud scheme

Ban code: 2002

Account editing

Editing the inventory of an account by adding medals or other items through experience cheats.

Ban duration: ∞

Event exp cheat

Ban code: 9997

Regular exp cheat and Medals cheat

Ban code: 9998

Decompetitive Attitudes

Players who commit disrespectful attitudes towards gambling policy, racism, chauvinism, among others.

Ban duration: 7 days to ∞ , depending on severity and/or amount of violations

Ban code: 5001

Reporting players

Evidence to report successfully

For all reports you need to take a video with a minimum resolution of 720p(HD) in which the suspect is cheating/abusing bugs. Evidence recorded with stretched screens will not be accepted. The ID of the suspect must be readable in the video (go to the chat if you dont die versus the cheater/if you are on the same team as the cheater)

Ways to report players


Send your proof in the official Standoff 2 discord server.

The proof has to be sent into the #cheaters channel.


Send your proof to the official axlebolt e-mail with context of what happened.


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